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2017 Summer Composition Intensive
2017 Application

2017 Summer Composition Intensive
at Saint Mary's College

Monday July 10-Saturday July 22, 2017

Presentation Schedule and Topics
The 2017 Summer Composition Intensive at Saint Mary's College is fully enrolled,
but it is possible to attend specific presentations as an observer.
If you are interested, contact Zae Munn (
to check space availability and to request a reservation.

Zae Munn

Fie on 4/4: Challenging Metrical Defaults

Monday, July 10
10 AM-noon

Courtney Miller

Composing for Oboe and English Horn

Wednesday, July 12
2:30-4:30 PM

Joshua Marquez

Getting Off the Grid: Musical Topography

Thursday, July 13
1:15-3:15 PM

Ken Ueno

Babbling: towards an embodied research
in instrumentation and orchestration

Saturday, July 15
1:15-3:15 PM

Marilyn Shrude

Exploring a Pitch Collection for Use as a Source
for Harmony, Melodic Variation, and Structure

Wednesday, July 19

Ken Ueno
Guest Composer

Marilyn Shrude
Guest Composer

Courtney Miller
Guest Oboist

Zae Munn

Director and Resident Composer
Contact Zae by email with questions about
the Summer Composition Intensive.

Joshua Marquez
Resident Composer
and Intensive Associate

• A faculty of 2 resident composers, 2 guest composers, and a guest instrumentalist
• 5 presentations, each linked to a related workshop and master class
• 4 additional mini-presentations by the two resident composers
• 4 private composition lessons, one with each of the composition faculty
• Option of additional lessons with resident composers
• Evening presentations in which participants share their compositions with the gorup
• An intense and supportive work environment (music lab, seminar room, individual practice rooms)
• Daily group lunches with participants and guests; 3 low key evening social events off campus
• Enrollment limited to 18 participants


• Composers Zae Munn and Joshua Marquez will be in residence throughout the Intensive.
• Composers Ken Ueno and Marilyn Shrude will each come for three days.
• Courtney Miller (oboe, English horn) will come on two separated days to talk about writing for oboe and Enghlish horn,
and to read, critique, and record short studies by participants.


The application period begins Feb. 1, 2017 and ends Mar. 15, 2017. The application consists of:

• Online application form
• 2 recent scores and audio files
• Email contact info for two recommenders

Past Composer Faculty
Jay Batzner
David Biedenbender
Roshanne Etezady
David Gompper
Dorothy Hindman
Peter Hulen
Kristin Kuster
Hannah Lash
P.Q. Phan
Paul Salerni
Michael Schelle

Past Instrumental Faculty
Craig Hultgren, cello
Charles Lynch, harp
David Murray, bass
Tom Snydacker, saxophones

Resident Composer Faculty
Joshua Marquez
Zae Munn

Reflections from Intensive alums:

• "The Intensive had an environment which encouraged experimentation without the pressure to write an entire new piece during our short time there. I was able to try out new things I would not have approached the same way on my own and came up with several ideas which blossomed into new pieces soon after leaving."
• "I thought the program stood out because of its emphasis on exercises that we do while we're
there, rather than prior works, and also because of the multitude of guest speakers."
• "The Intensive was simultaneously inspiring, productive and fun. Two weeks spent with such diversely talented companions and mentors reignite all sorts of creative sparks."
• "The most salient moments for me were my interactions with the guest composers (private lessons, workshops, dinners, etc.). The diversity of interactions one could have with the guest, ranging from very serious lessons to casual dinners, was refreshing and enlightening."
• "In retrospect, the greatest contribution that the Intensive has made to my writing process is a greater ability to be comfortable with remaining in the brainstorming stage of writing for a longer period of time than I was used to and accepting that part of the writing process as valuable, even if all of the ideas don’t become part of a finished piece."

The Summer Composition Intensive takes place at Saint Mary's College in the Moreau Center for the Arts, with meetings in the modern, air-conditioned Music Lab, Music Seminar Room, and faculty offices. 
Saint Mary's College is located in South Bend, Indiana, just off the I80/90 toll road, and easily accessible by car, Amtrak, Chicago South Shore train, and air.  By car, it is 1.5 hrs. from Chicago and Kalamazoo, 2.5 hours from Indianapolis, and 3 from Ann Arbor.
• Instruction begins 
Monday July 10 in the morning, so Sunday arrival is recommended. Check-out date will be Saturday July 22, with instruction ending in the mid-afternoon, so departures that day are possible.
• $550 
Instructional Fee (presentations, workshops, master classes, private lessons)
• $100 for group meals (8 Dining Hall lunches, one catered dinner off-campus)
• 3 housing options:
    1) dorm, not air conditioned but deemed comfortable by participants    
        (ca. $25-$30 per night); best option for those without a car
    2) neighborhood residences (ca. $125 total); good option if you have a
        car and/or willingness to walk 25 minutes each way
• Breakfast in the Dining Hall will cost approximately $6 and $11 for dinner. Lunches are with the group in the Dining Hall each day, but breakfasts and dinners can be elsewhere. Small groups often go to dinner at any of the several interesting, inexpensive restaurants in the area.