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Geoff Pearce, in Music and Vision, reviews Zae's Navona album, They Were Mysterious Guests, featuring Tim McAllister playing Zae's saxophone-inclusive chamber music:

" of the best and most approachable discs of contemporary music I've heard. Nothing alienates the listener, and on each hearing, the perception alters so that there's always something new to hear. The performances are committed and unified."

"...this disc surprised and delighted me. Not only was the music approachable and first class, but so were the performers. Navona Records has produced a real gem."

"For me the disc's crowning glory is The Old Songs...Set to a poem about mempoires and memory loss by the composer's brother, Paul Munn, each section provides a change in character, but the unifying factor is the three instruments, acting as the egg, binding the mixture together. The vocal part is beautifully evocative and well-performed...Listen to this piece and enjoy."

Michael Colgrass comments on Tangles in the Web, Zae's percussion sextet:

“This is one of the best percussion ensemble pieces I have ever heard. In the first place, (Munn) uses the percussion melodically, not for effect. I can hear a motif, development and melodic shaping of lines. It's almost singable. (Munn) is very sensitive to percussion colors and textures, which differentiates the treble, tenor and bass levels of the various instruments with extreme clarity. The piece is more melodic and generally musical than many pieces I hear for winds or strings. (Munn) has a natural feel for the nature of percussion.”


David Williams in the Charleston-Gazette Mail reviews The Stove:

"New Music and a Smashed Stove dominate an exciting concert by womanSong:

Zae Munn's dazzling "Stove" set a poem poem of Ann Kilkelly about a woman who gets up one morning and destroys her stove with a sledgehammer. Munn's music churned out driving rhythms in irregular beats that give voice to the sledgehammer's blows. The melody kept settling into unison statements by the chorus only to break away into unpredictable piles of harmonies."


Zae's music on SoundCloud

Nearly 70 tracks are now easily accessible on SoundCloud, with more on the way. Playlists include They Were Mysterious Guest CD, song cycles, mixed choir, treble/women's choir, solo and duo pieces, and many more.

Click here to go to the individual tracks.

Click here to go to the the playlists.

Zae's works on MusicaNeo

Nearly three dozen new, neglected, or unpublished works by Zae are now available for download at MusicaNeo. Scores are perusable online, parts are inclued, and all have full recordings. The list includes flex instrumentation pieces, chamber music, solos and duos, orchestra and band pieces, and a number of choral works for mixed, treble, and women's choir.


InfoDad gives They Were Mysterious Guests a rating of +++

"Even composers who work in a thoroughly modern idiom, such as Zae Munn (born 1953), honor the history of chamber works despite using contemporary titles for their pieces and focusing on comparatively recent instruments, such as the saxophone (which dates only to 1840). A new Navona CD of Munn’s chamber music ranges from the self-referential to the distinctly programmatic."